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For corporate or private entertainment that’s engaging, interactive, and just plain fun . . .
Trivial Events offers the
ultimate VIRTUAL TRIVIA experience!

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Includes important info, but also puppets, animated fish, references to Lady Gaga and Domino’s, and a short story about a mischievous cat.

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Live Trivia! (On your screen!)

Looking to bring your remote group — business or personal — together and have some fun? Or maybe there’s a special occasion (birthday, anniversary, retirement, etc.) you’d like to celebrate in a unique (and virtual) way? Trivial Events offers virtual trivia contests that engage everyone, cut down on “Zoom fatigue,” and create a unique, shared experience!

You do not have to be a “trivia person” to have fun. We take a unique and creative approach to a range of topics and fun facts, aiming to both inform and entertain. In short, we want you to have a good time throughout.

Our goal is always to present a wide variety of trivia content that specifically encourages teamwork and interactions. Plus, our options for special video questions (check out the promo video for quick snippets!), unique interlude activities, and integrated customized content create a memorable virtual event for all attendees. 

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“Trivial Events was not only one of the most fun team events we've done, but one of the most meaningful. We really got to know each other in ways I didn't expect. My team raved about it and are eager to do it again!”
— Henry F., Google NYC

Clients include:

Each virtual trivia event includes:

  • Host to facilitate the event on Zoom
  • Trivia interface (with dynamic scoring) on your phone, tablet or computer
  • One to four rounds of trivia (adjusted according to preference and timetable)
  • Creatively-crafted questions that ensure everyone feels included
  • Customized content for each specific group
  • Option to incorporate logo or other images
  • Options for “interlude” activities

Customized Content

General questions cover a varied selection of popular subjects—movies, TV, sports, pop culture, history, current events, geography and a whole lot of “miscellaneous” stuff—and can be tweaked according to preference and age groups. But the highlight of any event is the customized trivia content created for each specific client.

After a short survey and follow-up consultation, Trivial Events will organically weave a series of fun facts about your company/group into the contest. We can even create trivia content based around a person(s) of honor! (More customized content is available! Please contact us for further options.)

Group Size

We produce virtual trivia events for groups as small as six to nearly 300 players. (Contact us for larger group sizes.) Depending on the number of attendees, players can participate as individuals or teams which would typically be made up of three to six players each. For smaller overall events, teams could be two to four players.


Pricing will vary according to group size, format and selected custom content, and is commensurate with comparable corporate and private event entertainment packages. Please contact us for a quote. We look forward to hearing from you!

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